【2019大师班师资简介】玛丽亚•阿德里安娜•豪斯法特(Maria Adriana Hausvater )


玛丽亚•阿德里安娜•豪斯法特(Maria Adriana Hausvater )

玛丽亚•阿德里安娜•豪斯法特,目前是罗马尼亚戏剧届最重要的导演之一,她导演过丰富的作品,从当代到经典,而后者又是从当今现实的角度去诠释的。1997年从布加勒斯特戏剧和电影学院(现戏剧艺术和电影国立大学)毕业后,她先后在罗马尼亚和摩尔多瓦民主共和国重要的剧院上演过25部作品,其中有奥登剧院,伊西国家剧院,诺塔拉剧院,Cluj国家剧院,布加勒斯特国家剧院,基希纳乌国家剧院,Piatra Neamt青年剧院,雷希查的G.Petculescu国家剧院,普洛耶什蒂的托马卡拉剧院和布加勒斯特国家歌剧院。




Ada Hausvater is currently one of the most important stage directors on the Romanian theatre scene, with an impressive list of staged titles, both contemporary and classic, the latter approached through the filter of present-day realities. A graduate of the 1997 class at the Academy of Theater and Film in Bucharest (today the National University of Theater Arts and Cinematography),she went on to stage over 25 performances in important theatres in Romania and the Moldavian Democratic Republic, such as the Odeon Theater, Iasi National Theater, Nottara Theater, Cluj National Theater,Timisoara National Theater, the National Theater in Chisinau, Piatra Neamt Youth Theater, G. Petculescu” Theater in Resita, Toma Caragiu Theater in Ploiesti, or The National Opera House in Timisoara.

Her choice of authors –ranging from Tolstoy, Chekhov, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Bronte, Caragiale, Shakespeare, Brian Friel, Michael Fryan, Arnold Wesker, Sam Shepard, Dario Foto Murray Schisgal - illustrates an authentic interest in man and his predicament and also great determination to research the most diverse aspects of storytelling with the means of the theatre. One of her primary concerns as a stage director has been to explore the core of theatricality in the narrative discourse and to translate it into the language of the stage, which makes her one of the few directors in Romania specialised in writing theatre scripts based on great stories of the epic genre.

Inspired by the understanding of the artist as an active and highly responsible member of the community, as of 2005, she chose to occupy the seat of manager of one of the most important theatres in Romania, Timisoara National Theatre, as another way to express her creativity. Under her management, the theatre’s audiences have increased almost 10 times while the National Theatre of Timisoara in currently in the top 3 of Romanian theatres. Ada Hausvater established a high qualitative standard for all theatre productions of the Timisoara National Theatre and managed the creation of two new theatre venues (Sala 1 – 250 seats and Studio „Utu Strugari” – 50 seats), as well as the cultural reconversion of one abandoned historical building: the former Imperial Manége (Sala 2). She also reunited the professional theatre workshops into one Set design factory, the first enterprise of its kind in Romania. She included new modalities of artistic expression and research in the repertoire, while bringing to the fore the important civic and social role of the Timisoara National Theatre in the community and as a European cultural institution. In 2012, she was honoured for her endeavours with the title Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, awarded by the French Ministry of Culture.

       Her professional experience is also backed by thorough academic research, since between 2005 – 2010 she earned a PH.D. in theatre studies and she is currently Associate professor of the Faculty of Music and Theatre, Department of Performing Arts of the West University of Timisoara, Romania (focusing on the creativerelationship between actor and stage director).